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This course is predominantly intended for practical users who need to enter spaces which are substantially enclosed and where there is a potentially hazardous working environment. All delegates should have successfully completed a breathing apparatus users medical examination prior to attendance and be physically fit (training cannot be provided for those not satisfying this criteria). If the facilities are suitable an entry or simulated entry exercise may be conducted.


This course is designed to ensure that delegates who need to enter such workplaces understand the requirements of the law, the need for risk assessments and safe systems of work and how to apply these practically. This includes competent use of the appropriate equipment, to enable entry to be made safely.


  • What is a Confined Space and what are the hazards?
  • Legal requirements
  • Risk assessments and safe systems of work
  • Equipment required to enter a confined spaces
  • The purpose and use of gas detection equipment
  • The purpose and use of escape breathing apparatus
  • The use of ropes and safety harnesses
  • The purpose and use of tripods and man riding winches
  • Personal protective equipment and hygiene
  • Examination, testing and maintenance of equipment
  • Ventilation and the avoidance of unsafe atmospheres
  • Communication and entry procedures
  • The purpose of self-contained working breathing apparatus
  • Use of self-contained working breathing apparatus
  • Course review

On successful completion of the course, a Confined Spaces Photo ID Card giving details of the course and the date attended will be issued.

Note: An advance copy of your own safe system of work for Entry into Confined Spaces will enable us to take account of this as part of the course. If you have equipment which your delegates are familiar with, please bring it along (tested and in good working order), otherwise the necessary equipment will be provided.

Course details & dates

Course Length: 2 Days
Price: £330 + VAT per delegate
Venue: Building 3, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, New Southgate, London, N11 1GN (Map)

Please check your course joining instructions to see which venue to attend.

Safe Entry to Confined Spaces